SchoolTalk supports youth with disabilities and their peers to thrive in school and achieve fulfilling postsecondary outcomes by creating spaces that emphasize self-determination, community-building, and inclusion.


Founded in 2008, SchoolTalk, Inc. is a District of Columbia-based nonprofit whose mission is to create spaces that promote self-determination and a voice for youth with disabilities and their peers. SchoolTalk supports the D.C. education community in collaboratively addressing complex challenges and creating practical solutions for assisting youth of all abilities achieve success. SchoolTalk’s programs actively work to improve postsecondary outcomes for youth through both proactive initiatives such as youth leadership and mentoring, skill-building, and workforce development; and direct intervention to resolve issues in productive ways, such as mediation and restorative justice. SchoolTalk has two key focuses: restorative justice and inclusive education.

Diversity Statement

All members of the SchoolTalk community respect, honor and celebrate the broad range of human differences among us, while also embracing the commonalities we share, and are committed to providing each individual with the opportunity for their voice to be heard and to achieve their full potential as organizational goals are pursued. The overall objective of SchoolTalk’s diversity effort is to create an inclusive environment and socially reflective organization that represents, supports and celebrates diversity at all levels. Fifty percent of SchoolTalk staff have a disability.